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Yes! Finally the closing weeks of Spring term and it is Andy Goldsworthy time! Today was a balmy 80 and the sun was shining, so my sculpture class headed out into the wild for the morning. After some initial sketching and pondering here’s what they came up with so far


Yes! It is finally that time again, time to get outside and make nature inspired installations after the amazing Andy Goldsworthy… here’s some images from this years crop so far

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Thank heavens that out spring break has finally arrived, even amidst a sudden flurry of snow, I am as burnt out as my students and ready to unravel a little for the next few days before I settle in to marking drawings.

As a reward for actually attending class today I watched DVD’s in both my classes. In 3D we watched an excellent documentary about the work of Andy Goldsworthy, whose work absolutely makes my heart sing with joy, and whose work my students will be trying to emulate for the last three weeks of the semester! Hopefully spring will have really arrived by then!!

In drawing I settled for a part of a BBC documentary “how art made the world”, operating on the premise that art is a defining characteristic of humanity it takes sweeping looks across time at facets of art and representation. We watched an episode “more human than human” about representation of the figure, as we are currently working on self portraits.

And now it is time for a well earned break!! Relax and enjoy everyone and come back refreshed!