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When Jen and I applied for the grant funding for the women create project one of the questions we had to answer was about how the project would help us grow as artists. My response had to do with letting go of the final product and learning to play nicely with others. While I am perfectly OK with chaos in my own process in the studio I freely admit that group projects make me very nervous. Today was the first test of my resolve! I demonstrated the paper creation process and then I had to step back and let the workshop participants take over. Of course they didn’t do it “right” (my way) but embarked wholeheartedly on an adventurous exploration of the possibilities of the materials! It was really amazing to see how many different variations could be created using essentially the same process and materials. It is good to be reminded that I don’t know everything!!! Everyone had a lot of fun and the pamphlet journals that we created were bright and eclectic. I was really delighted to see that the students were really excited, everyone was brainstorming possible uses for their journal. I think it is safe to say that we made the biggest mess ever in the art room at Infinity and I can’t thank Shane and her staff enough for being such gracious hosts! You can see pictures and read all about the process at my post on the women create site here.


It was my turn to teach the all girls art class at Infinity last night and I decided to try experimenting with paper casting using the instructions from Art at the Speed of Life. We started out using craft foam to create a stamp which we used to cast out paper on – using single ply toilet paper and a mixture of 1 cup water to 2 tblspns white school glue. We created layers of dry paper spritzing with the glue mixture until wet, smoothing out the bubbles as we went along.  Here’s a picture of all the girls hard at work spritzing their paper!

Wednesday was my last day teaching at Infinity this summer. I taught a collage class at their summer day camp. In addition to making an individual work to take home all the campers also contributed to a project for the annual Take a Seat Auction at the Casino in Bemus Point to be held next week. I was given a storage/toy chest by the organizers and since I knew I would be working with the campers I decided to try using a technique from Cloth Paper Scissors. (May/June 2010). Here are some pictures of the fun along the way!!

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I prepped the box with a layer of old text and a layer of sewing pattern tissue, then the campers at infinity created the flower circles during their camp session. (They also made a small piece using all the techniques featured on the box to take home.) After I got the box back home I added a layer of paint and outlined all the flowers and added stems/leaves. The next day I decided I hadn’t added enough paint and went back in with more layers of transparent paint and some pastel. To finish the box I added some inspirational sayings related to flowers and several coats of a quick drying acrylic varnish. I am happy with how it turned out, even though this is a stretch for me, so many colours!!! I’ll let you know how the auction goes and hopefully get a picture of the happy new owner with their inspiration land colourful box.

There is a fabulous organization in the city where I live that allows kids and young adults the chance to get creative. Up until recently they have concentrated on the performing arts but now they are expanding to include visual arts as well. I really like their process oriented approach to creativity!! Last night I taught my first class there, a creative journaling/binding class with some great teens. I hope this is the beginning of a great relationship with this group, and their students!!