I started out the week thinking about what art school seems to promise students and what it actually delivers. Yesterday was a great day in studio. It really felt like an art department. My students were scattered all over making room for themselves to work, and because it didn’t seem like there was really a class going on, many students from other classes snuck in to work too. The place was just humming with energy! My students spent the day quite happily learning how to make molds and pour plaster, they worked really hard, were not anxious to run out of the door at the end of class (or before). Then last night I went with a student to hear about this work – the hyperbolic crochet reef  – and the intersection of maths and art. That made me want to come home and make hyperbolic paper models that would function as books. Combined the two things had me thinking about craft and the sticky debate around Art vs craft.A thought I will have to shelve for a bit – no time to think about that today!

Then this morning I am reading Jafabrit’s blog post and wondering if it is easier to insert one’s self into this debate and be taken seriously if you are a man like Grayson Perry? (Grayson grew up in my neck of the woods – Chelmsford, he even did a stint at Braintree college). I think I really have some serious thinking to do over the summer about the shape of my classes as I move forward from this point. All of these things have me thinking about new ways to bring skills into my classroom, new unit ideas. Oh for a few more hours in the day!! Not to mention filling my already overstuffed head with ideas for new books, and a possible direction my work could take for the Tangled show with Molly. I am going to need a clone or a patron this summer!!