Thursdays this summer are turning out to be great fun for me. I am working with such a fabulous and talented group of young ladies in my journaling and binding class there! The first week we worked on quick collage techniques, the idea being to evade your monkey mind censors by working too fast for them to chime in, a couple of the students are graciously letting me share their work here.

Last week we learned a transfer technique using acrylic paint. We added layers to our plain card stock by using old book pages, and then sealed them with a clear acrylic paint. Then we painted the front of photocopied images with acrylic paint and stuck them down, when the paint is dry you can peel off the paper backing, the toner will be embedded in the acrylic paint on your page. Because we had to wait for them to dry completely, the only image I have is from my trial piece. We added more layers with markers and masking tape, and cut out words and images from the book pages we started with. The whole idea of this class is to work with whatever you have on hand. We made some pretty complex and interesting things with very few “ingredients”