Here is the group hard at work!!

Last night was so much fun, we spent the whole class working on little chunky journals. Much of the time was spent cutting and folding paper for the book block, now I think they begin to realize how much work goes into a handmade journal. The rest of the time was spent constructing a cover from brown paper and decorating it. We started with a sheet of brown paper 19.5 by 17.25 inches. We folded and glued it in thirds the short way to end up with a cover that was 19.4 by 5.75 inches. After folding in 4.5 inches from each end and cutting off the corners of this flap, we had a sweet little book cover perfectly sized for folded half sheets of 11 x 8.5 inch paper, with an 1.5 inch spine for the binding.

here is the cover with one pocket flap still folded out

and the cover with pockets sewn

We used 70lb cotton for the book block, 40 sheets cut in half to be 8.5 x 5.5, then folded into folios. We nested 8 folios together for each signature, which gave us a total of ten signatures for the inside. After all that work, the binding seemed simple!!

chunky journal instructions_Layout 1