So as the school year has finally wound itself up, and all the final grades are done and dusted, I can turn my attention at last to fun! One of the surprising things I have discovered as I have been journaling and working with both the creative entrepreneur and Sacred Contracts is that I really feel drawn to helping others express their creativity, this surprises me because I was adamant about my desire NOT to teach the whole time I was in college!

I was asked by CCAC to teach an introduction to bookbinding class this June and class one was Tuesday night. Only a few of the registered participants showed up, but it made for a great class on an intimate scale. We started out learning about the anatomy of a book, then progressed to simple pamphlet stitch bindings.

To wrap the class up we recycled old note/greeting cards with some paper, decorative card stock and other ephemera, tags etc. into great little purse-sized journals, a stylish alternative to lists on scraps of paper,(an idea I found in the creative entrepreneur).  I hope the ladies were delighted to find that by the end of the first class they had made one usable book/journal and almost no measuring was required!! (It’s not even that I hate math, I am actually good at it, but measuring is so intimidating… when I first started to learn about making books I would cringe at the amount of measuring required, then I figured out that for most books, you don’t really need to do all that much math, and then I had WAY more fun!!)